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Professional Weather Station E9300
Professional Weather Station E9300 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: e9300
Price: $249.95
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds
In Stock.
To find out quickly what the weather is going to be like, all you have to do is take a look at what kind of clothes Wiz Kid is wearing. Whether swim suit or scarf and umbrella, the Wiz Kid has over 50 variations for dressing appropriately for the weather just outside your door. As soon as it begins to rain and the sensor detects it, the Wiz Kid informs you by appearing with an opened umbrella you dont even have to look outside to know. The large well-organized LCD, super fl at and housed in the elegant silver-blue base station, shows you all of the important weather data in graphic and numeric formats when in normal mode. Other functions are easily accessed using only five buttons.

Greatly contributing to the accuracy of the weather data is the new E9301 radio combi-sensor. It is fitted onto a mast that can be placed in the ground and works similarly to profession al devices used in industrial applications. For example the outdoor temperature is measured in the same way as professional meteorologists : 6 feet above ground and shielded from sunlight. In addition, the combi-sensor can be set up any place up to a distance of 300 ft. from the base station without having to lay cables or drill holes.

Includes E9301 Radio Sensor
And Batteries

  • Radio transmission: 433 MHz radio transmission
    linking all sensors
  • Temperature: Up to 9 sensors can be
    connected, two temperature values
    are shown concurrently, 1 indoor and 1
    selectable outdoor temperature, resolution
    0.18 F, accuracy 1.8 F; display unit: F,
    dew point (indoors) and wind chill display
    (indoors/outdoors), comfort zone indicator
    for indoor display
  • Relative humidity: Up to 9 sensors can be
    connected, two humidity values are shown
    concurrently, resolution 1%, accuracy 5 %
  • Air pressure trend: Display using five
    arrows (rising, rising steeply, dropping,
    steeply dropping, no change)
  • Air pressure history: Display using bar
    chart, up to 24-hour tracking
  • Rainfall: Range 0 to 999 mm, display total
    since last reset, last 24 hrs. or 1 hr., display
    in mm, l/m2, resolution < 0.3 mm
  • Wind speed: Display selectable as km/hr.,
    m/hr. or m/s, resolution 0.06 m/hr., wind sock
    icon for light, moderate and strong wind
  • Sunrise and sunset: Selectable display of
    individual locations
  • Moon phase: Display of the current moon
    phase in four stages
  • Time & date: Quartz clock
  • Weather forecast: With weather icons: sunny, fair, cloudy, rainy, and Wiz Kids
    choice of clothing
  • Extensive memory options: Min./max. values with time & date
  • Independent of house current: Base station, 4x AA batteries; sensor, 3x AA
    batteries, battery life > 3 years (station and sensor)
  • Housing dimensions (W x H x D): 160 x 220 x 35 mm (stand excluded)


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